Freewieler - Bike hire in Antwerp

Antwerp... a beautiful city. Maybe you have wandered a couple of times through the city, but have you cycled through the city?
Cycled right through the pedestrian's tunnel or beside the beach of "St-Anneke" to the sleeping town of Doel or the picturesque Lillo?
The choice is completely yours, we take care of the quality bike and the service.

V-zit  has found an original way to lead tourists around in Antwerp: the step. Starting this season you can start exploring with our brand new city bikes.


Bike hire, Steenplein ( at the public toilets).

Opening hours?

For individuals: daily as froom Easter untill the end of the autumn break (untill Sunday 8 Novembre 2009) and this between 10.00am and 06.00pm.

For groups: All year round, with reservation.


Highquality Kettler- en Norta City Bikes with gears.


Identity card


Every bike has a lock

Prices bikes and steps:

Time Rates Students
1 hour 4 euro 3 euro
2 hour 7 euro 6 euro
3 hour 9 euro 8 euro
4 hour 11 euro 9 euro
1 day 15 euro 12 euro
Weekend 25 euro 20 euro
1 week 60 euro 55 euro
2 weeks 90 euro 85 euro
3 weeks 110 euro 100 euro
Month 120 euro 110 euro


And also ...

Contact us for further information or visit the website of Antwerp by bike.